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AST Fund Solutions, LLC is the premier provider of proxy solicitation and shareholder communication services for the mutual fund industry in North America. We are experts, innovators, and constantly working to deliver the absolute highest level of service.

Leveraging industry-leading technology and expertise, we provide funds with successful proxy campaign strategies and dramatically reduce the costs for clients of proxy solicitation and regulatory mailings. AST Fund Solutions takes a rigorous analytical approach to the development of proxy campaign strategies. We utilize proprietary analytics examining the proxy voting and solicitation response behavior of fund investors, which includes insights gained from our experience conducting solicitation campaigns involving thousands of funds and millions of shareholders.

AST Fund Solutions also provides strategic advisory services, including analyses of the proxy campaign and governance implications of the actions and policies of proxy advisory firms (such as ISS). In addition, our closed-end fund group delivers monthly and quarterly market intelligence reports on shareholder activism, as well as daily updates at CEFinsight.com™ — the industry-leading resource for tracking shareholder activism and other events impacting closed-end funds. Our special reports and Industry Update newsletter, which are posted at astfundsolutions.com, are critical resources for keeping up-to-date on the regulatory environment as it impacts mutual fund proxy services. We also deliver unique and customized special studies (such as quantitative studies of trends in proxy voting and fund ownership) in a presentation format suitable for Board-level presentations.

AST Fund Solutions offers a portfolio of services for open-end and closed-end funds, including:

  • End-to-end mutual fund proxy management
  • Highly effective proxy solicitation solutions
  • Proxy mail, tabulation and solicitation
  • Regulatory mailing services
  • Closed-end fund transfer agent solutions
  • Strategic advisory services (including analyses of proxy advisory firm policies)
  • CEFinsight.com™
  • Shareholder identification and analyses of trends in proxy voting and fund ownership
  • Market intelligence reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Special studies suitable for Board-level presentations

Please contact AST Fund Solutions at info@astfundsolutions.com for more information about our services and to learn how we can help your firm.