Contact Info

OFFICE: New York
TEL: 212.400.2605
FAX: 212.973.9818

Warren Antler

Vice President

Closed-End Fund Group

Mr. Antler manages The AST Fund Solutions Group’s Closed–End Fund Division. He specializes in developing strategies to market rights offerings, solicitation campaigns for Closed–End Fund companies involved with dissident shareholders. Mr. Antler has developed, along with Edgar Online, a system designed to track and report dissident shareholder activity on a daily basis. He is also responsible for developing a system that tracks Corporate Actions. In addition, Mr. Antler produces a monthly report and Semi–Annual and Annual Corporate Actions Review for The Closed–End Fund Association.

Mr. Antler has over 20 years of experience in the proxy, investment banking and brokerage community. He began his career on Wall Street working for EF Hutton and then Merrill Lynch managing high net worth accounts. Mr. Antler entered the proxy business working for Corporate Investor Communications and then Georgeson Shareholder before joining the Altman Group in 2003.


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