Our Closed–End Funds Services

Now more than ever, closed–end funds need an experienced advisor to guide them through the increasingly difficult landscape of corporate governance and the problems that arise when trading at a significant discount to net asset value.

Unlike most proxy solicitation firms who serve the closed–end sector, AST Fund Solutions' mutual fund division is not just there to get in the vote. We are here to provide valued advice throughout the year. No solicitation firm in the industry offers the wide array of closed–end, fund–specific services available from our firm.

We believe in providing proactive advice on a year–round basis in areas of concern such as:

Proxy Solicitation

Our proven methodology coupled with the most advanced telecommunications methods in the industry give us the opportunity to assure our clients that management initiatives can and will be met.

Dissident Tracking

Do you know who may be accumulating positions in your stock? We do. Many known closed-end fund dissident shareholders, as well as some newcomers, have been on the prowl. Most closed–end fund companies have been reactive with their responses to contests and on open-ending proposals. AST Fund Solutions helps its clients anticipate and respond to these issues before they become problems.

Institutional Investor Relations

AST Fund Solutions can, on an ongoing or as appropriate basis, conduct an investor relations campaign to institutions holding a position in our clients to gauge the level of satisfaction towards management and attempt to uncover issues in before they become problems.

Investor Targeting & Road Shows

AST Fund Solutions along with its associates will consult and set up meetings with buy–side analysts at firms holding investments in peer group funds.

Rights Offerings

AST Fund Solutions will coordinate the distribution of materials, publicize the offering and field shareholder inquiries as well as oversee and report the returns through the street.

Discount Reduction

The most difficult problem for most closed–end funds is how to narrow the discount. AST Fund Solutions works closely with each client to develop and implement methods to reduce fund discounts.