Since there are certain variables which make up the uniqueness of a mutual fund or family of funds, these unique attributes should be carefully considered and evaluated in order to create the most successful and cost effective proxy strategy possible.

At AST Fund Solutions we do not believe in implementing “assembly line” processes; nor do we try to fit every proxy into the same box. Our proxy team creates a customized solicitation strategy and approach for each and every campaign we work on, regardless of the size of the campaign. Our strategies are developed based on variables such as type of fund, past and present performance, distribution channels, omnibus relationships, types of proposals, vote requirement, and current market conditions. There are endless project possibilities in mutual fund proxy and we create a custom approach for each and every one we work on.

Further defining our leading expertise in the solicitation arena is our extensive work with Shareholder Choice. Shareholder Choice includes the Notice and Access rule recently enacted by the SEC. When utilized properly, Notice and Access can create a significant cost savings for funds. Our clients have realized upwards of 40%-60% savings when compared to the conventional full set delivery. However, one must carefully analyze the campaign dynamics and have a firm understanding of the effects of Notice and Access and the cost savings that could come at the expense of vote returns.

We pride ourselves in our thorough approach, sophisticated systems, and out of the box thinking that makes AST Fund Solutions the most thorough and effective solicitation firm in the market place.

This is not a job for us nor is an eight hour work day. Each individual on our team takes great pride in their work and seeing that their clients’ expectations are not only met, but far exceeded.

Do not be fooled into believing the adage – “it’s just a proxy,” or “all solicitors are the same,” because these sayings could not be further from the truth. No two proxies are the same, each one requires a unique prospective to develop the most successful strategy.